Photo To Cartoon Image Converter Software 7.0

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Photo To Cartoon Image Converter Software 7.0

Make multiple cartoons from your photographs
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Photo To Cartoon Image Converter Software is a small and simple application which converts photos into cartoon images.
The program works only with BMP, GIF, and JPG input files. If you want to use other file formats than these three, an error window appears warning you that the picture is invalid. The interface is overly simple without any setting or option buttons. The application offers you the possibility to select one or all the files existing in a specified folder. When the conversion process ends, a new window shows you the result. In the preview section you can compare the image before and after the conversion. Unfortunately, these two sections are too small and the pictures are hard to view. Unlike other programs used for photo editing, this one doesn't provide any options. The user can’t change the color, the contrast, the style or any other characteristic. It is quite rudimentary compared the other programs created for the same purpose. The demo version is restricted and you can't save the results. The principle on which the application works is quite simple. The lines are emphasized, and the transition from one color to another is blurred, creating the impression of drawing.

In my opinion this is not a very reliable application as long as there are more developed apps which come with more options for image editing. Taking into account that you can't improve the images' resolution, I came to the conclusion that the program is designed rather for children and beginners.

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  • Very easy to use
  • The error occurs only in the moment the user use other types of files besides BMP, GIF and JPG


  • Is not free
  • It works with only three types of files
  • The field for the result image is too small


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